Hand woven string bag bilum – Black red and white


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Beautiful woven bag made using traditional methods and natural fibres. Approx 35cm x 35 cm, this bilum isn’t made from the usual plant fibre collected in the jungle, but from a strong woollen string.

It is a black bag with red and white stripes, and is a very handy size.

Bilums are an essential part of village culture, used for carrying everything from sunglasses, wallets, water bottles and personal items in the smaller bags, to fruit and vegetables, firewood and even babies in the larger ones.

This bilum was made by Anna Fagau ❤

100% of profit and beyond from this sale will directly support the the women of Inauaia village in Papua New Guinea. It will help to pay for education, eliminate poverty and support their traditional handcrafts.


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Bilums and handcrafts of Papua New Guinea. We provide the means for the women of a Mekeo speaking village in Papua New Guinea, to sell their hand-woven bilums or string bags.

All proceeds of sales are returned to the makers of the bilums. Each bilum is unique, and is carefully crafted following traditional techniques and patterns that have been handed down through the generations. Some bilums are made using natural fibres that have been sourced from local plants, while others are made using modern acrylic fibres.

The bilums traditionally have been used to carry firewood, coconuts, fruit, vegetables and even babies! They are strong and durable. We are also now selling bracelets and necklaces that have been made in the village too. These are hand-made using local seeds and shells, or with plastic beads.

When you buy a bilum or some jewelry from Mekeo Handcrafts, know that you are supporting the women of Inauaia, who have very few, if any other sources of income. The money earned from selling bilums and jewelry is often used to buy food, medicines and to pay for educational expenses of children.

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