It’s an understatement to think about the organisations that sell on Dinidae simply as sellers. Each store on Dinidae is led by a social impact mission, and as such behind each store and product there is a story.

We have a broad range of amazing causes that each organisation is dedicated to from funding cancer research, to youth suicide prevention, providing employment opportunities to marginalized communities and many more.

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Not only are you creating an impact by purchasing through Dinidae, but the products on our platform are procured with thought and love, keeping the consumer in mind.

The way we see it, if you are here we want you to stay not only because you like the story, but because the products as well. We have a great range too, from beautiful handmade candles, to delicious hot drinks to Bluetooth headphones (yep a mind blower) and much more.

The people behind the scenes

We like to think about this in a more holistic approach. Sure, the straight answer would be Niv and Timna the co-founders who work tirelessly long hours to make this come true.

However we believe you are a big part of this too. When choosing to purchase through Dinidae you help us make this happen and empower true life-changing organisations, so thank you for doing so.

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Impact areas

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Geographical impact

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