Frequently asked questions

Dinidae is dedicated to supporting not-for-profits and social enterprise, and as such, we only feature these type of vendors.

If you are a not-for-profit organisation or a social enterprise we would love for you to sell on Dinidae. If you are not one of these but you think your store is in-line with our mission, then drop us a line at, we would love to hear from you.

Yes, you can sign up as a customer (or a seller). It is simple to do and highly recommended.

To create an account, click on “Login” on the top-right menu. You will use the same button to login to the site once you are a registered user.

It depends on your location, the location of the store, and its shipping policy. We suggest visiting our Shipping and returns page to get more details.

To cancel an order you will have to contact the seller, either by email or the contact form located in the store. For a refund you will have to do the same. From the moment the cancellation or refund is approved it usually takes about 5 days until you will see the money in the bank. You can find more details in our shipping and returns page.

We are located in Melbourne, Australia. Indulging ourselves with coffee and things like fancy doughnuts or gluten-free pancakes while escaping the terrors of some hungry seagulls.

At the moment our sellers ship only within Australia, however we plan to ship internationally in the near-future.

Dinidae (pronounced din-ee-day) is a combination of words that describe things we love, such as plants and animals. Like our name, we are a place where good things come together.

Our mission is to bring not-for-profit and social enterprises to the front. We think the more we support these great organisations, the more it will benefit us as a society. We talk more about our mission in the About us section.

We love Budgies! They are small, green and super cute, who wouldn’t? Wait! Is that a trick question or something?