The team behind Dinidae are husband and wife Niv and Timna. For years we scouted products from social enterprises for our own personal use and gift-giving. We even gifted our wedding guests with high-quality chocolates from an amazing local social enterprise.

When we arrived to Melbourne we kept our eyes open for similar businesses, which led us to a local festival for social businesses. Excited about the idea, we decided to pay a visit. There we met some great people and causes, however not many visitors attended the event. We left with a bittersweet taste, as did the sellers who hoped to make some income and raise awareness to their cause.

On the tram back we thought about the festival and the difficulties these businesses shared with us. They provide great products for an even better cause, yet they struggle to survive and need more exposure.

Later we did some research and discovered some interesting facts:

73% of consumers are likely to buy from brands that put purpose in front of profit, 70% are interested in ethical products. These are great numbers considering the hundreds of good business – more than 700 social enterprises and not-for-profits in Melbourne and the surroundings – which produce great products, and don’t get us started on the numbers in the rest of Australia and the world…

From our research, we also discovered that it is not that easy to sustain such a business for many reasons. Not enough customers and relying on donations are just a few. So in 2018, we decided to jump in and create “Dinidae” (pronounced din-ee-day) straight from our little place in St Kilda.

Dinidae is a friendly platform dedicated to supporting social enterprises and not-for-profits. They upload products, and we help them engage with more thoughtful customers.

We also give 50% of our profits back to our sellers through different programs and initiatives. So whenever you buy through Dinidae you are not only getting something special for yourself, but also help sustain these wonderful businesses.


Niv Atar



Timna Atar