Dinidae is about doing good. We aim to make it easier for people and organisations to contribute to the greater good, and have fun doing so.

The organisations featured on Dinidae (pronounced din-ee-day) are run by extraordinary people who combine manufacturing and producing with social justice. Some help refugees, while others fight human trafficking, or dedicate themselves to the welfare of animals, to name but a few commitments. Dinidae is a home for all of those who share in common the unique mission of making our world a better place to live in.

Simply put, Dinidae are here to support all of these organisations. Our mission is to be there for any aspects of their business needs, such as marketing, professional advice, even seeking volunteers. We believe we can learn from each other, and that together we can develop a network of connections so wide it stretches all across the globe.

We want to change the standards. We want companies to be mindful of their supply chain  and social and environmental impact, so that positive impact can be a part of everyone’s story. We believe that can happen only when conscious consumers like you make a stand and speak with their wallet.

When you are looking for something to buy, we want to be the first place you think of. We believe that every purchase we make deserves to have extra value. Dinidae is a place where every purchase counts; because every company we feature gives back to the community in a different way. In return, you will receive something that is not only high in quality, but is also meaningful. You can be sure that shopping here will make a positive difference.

We believe that to make a big impact you must dream big. Join the Dinidae revolution and give back by supporting social enterprises and not-for-profits.