We believe that online shopping can serve a greater purpose, where each purchase has the power to change lives.

Dinidae was founded by husband and wife duo Niv and Timna and launched in late 2019. It now hosts over a dozen organisations and helps communities all over the world starting from our community in Melbourne to further afield like Cambodia and Zambia.

Our Story

For so long we searched for products from social enterprises and not-for-profits for gift giving and to use ourselves. At our wedding we even gifted all our guests with delicious chocolates from an amazing local social enterprise. It is in this spirit we want you to be able to find high quality products which make the world a better place at the same time.

When we arrived to Melbourne we kept our eyes open for similar businesses, which led us to a local festival for social enterprises. There we met some great people and some fantastic causes, however not many visitors attended the event. We left with a bittersweet taste, as did the sellers who hoped to raise awareness to their cause.

On the tram back we thought about the festival and the difficulties these businesses shared with us. Despite providing great products for worthy causes they struggle to survive and suffocate from a lack of exposure and support.

Work Method

Our data and research relying on 4600 participants shows that


of shoppers are likely to buy from brands that put purpose in front of profit


Social enterprises in Melbourne and 20,000 not-for-profits in Australia, and the numbers are growing


of people are interested in purchasing ethical products

How does it work?

Dinidae is a dedicated marketplace for social enterprises and not-for-profits. They list their products, and we help them engage with more thoughtful customers, just like you!

Designed by social enterprises

We are not profitable, yet. However we define ourselves as a social enterprise and will use 50% of our profits to give back to our sellers community. We are already providing (and provided) 100+ hours of free services like product listing, store set-up, marketing, business advice, networking, and technical support.

“So whenever you buy through Dinidae you are not only getting something special for yourself, but you help create a world where sustainability and social impact is put before profit.”

Meet the Team


Niv loves being active – running, cycling, and enjoying the outdoors. A true people-person he enjoys personally helping out vendors and customers alike.

Niv Atar

Co-founder | Director

Photo of Timna

Timna is a tech-head and into friendly design. Her biggest motivator is the meaningful impact the organisations on Dinidae have.

Timna Atar

Co-founder | Director

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