Our Impact to Date

Dinidae started as a dream to make it easier for everyone to do good. Today we’re highlighting some of that good that was achieved thanks to you, our wonderful customers, and our amazing vendors.

We have 22 vendors on board (and growing!) tackling a range of issues including mental health, energy poverty, children’s education, and socially and environmentally responsible practices.

A large portion of our vendors work directly with marginalised communities that create their products, helping them keep alive traditional work methods and generating a sustainable income. On top of that, profits from their sales directly support those communities by providing things such as safe shelter and education.

If you’re into numbers, here’s a few to show what we’ve all achieved:

  • A child who lost a leg because of landmines received a prosthetic leg (check out UpMovement)
  • 177 kilos of pasta were provided to people in need (in addition to providing work for refugees by Kenshi Candles)
  • 522 school days were provided to children in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum (through Nice Coffee Co.)
  • 13.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions were prevented (while providing 12,072 hours of light derived by solar panels thanks to Good Frances)

And this is just the tip of the iceberg..

Let us know which causes are most important to you, and if you would like us to introduce a way to shop by cause.

You can always find out more about who you’re supporting if you click on the vendor’s name underneath each product.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers for your continuous support, from Timna and Niv here at Dinidae.

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