Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father and son in matching clothing walking on a path on an Autumn day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to share with you our favourite gift ideas for dad, grandad, or that special someone that has been a father-figure to you.

You can find all these on Dinidae, and can be certain that they will not only bring a smile to the receiver, but also to the maker or charity beneficiary.

Happy days!

For the hard worker

There’s nothing like treating yourself to beautifully fragrant soap and hand lotion after a busy day in the garden, working on the car, or crafting.

For the classic

You can’t go wrong with the classics: fun socks, or a unique hand-made mug to show dad you care.


For the foodie

This will end up as a gift for you too, when dad cooks up a storm!

For the vegan

Sweet treats that are animal-friendly.


For the environmentalist

Up-cycled products and plastic free soap bars are sure to please.

For the pun-tastic

Dad jokes are always worth celebrating!

We hope you were inspired by these suggestions.

If they’re not quite what you’re after, have a look around Dinidae – there are plenty more fantastic products from social enterprises and charities on offer.

If you’re not sure what to get, why not reach out to us for our advice!

Happy Father’s Day everyone.

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